Our Purpose:

‘shaping performance in every direction…’ holds multiple meanings:

  • Supporting our people with ongoing training – upskilling and engaging teams

  • Continually improve our working environment – advancing processes and systems

  • Care and attention during the manufacturing process – precision with every shape and cut

  • Adding value to our customer network – right materials for the right job at the right time

  • Uniting with our supply chain network – building partnerships for mutual benefit

  • Sustainability impact – driving forward with our social and environmental goals


Our Vision:

To be a company that improves outcomes for people and businesses with the right foam, for the right job at the right time.


Our Mission:

Our mission is ‘improvement’ – shaping every aspect of our work and world around the forces of continuous evolution to find solutions to new challenges.


Our Values:

Our values underpin our purpose, shaping how we achieve our performance targets, defining every decision we make and forming the foundation of how we do business:


Ask for and offer help… transferring skills and knowledge to drive energy and trust throughout the workplace.


Continually encourage innovative ideas… develop new connections, gaining fresh perspectives that help us and our clients’ grow.


Be engaged and committed… admit our mistakes and learn from them, so we can become proud of our achievements.